Labour attacks SNP over cancer patients forced to go private

Cancer patients were forced to go private and pay for more than 1,000 rounds of chemotherapy last year because of lengthy NHS waiting lists, Scottish Labour has claimed.

Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader, accused John Swinney of having his “head in the sand” over the issues facing the health service.

During a first minister’s questions that descended into election sloganeering Sarwar said his party had obtained figures showing that Scottish patients spent £83 million on private healthcar

Chinese surveillance cameras at UofG linked to human rights abuse allegations and security fears

Dozens of Chinese surveillance cameras used inside a University of Glasgow building have been linked to allegations of Uyghur human rights abuses and security fears, an investigation by The Glasgow Guardian has found.

The Glasgow Guardian has identified at least 49 CCTV cameras inside a Glasgow University building which were manufactured by the Chinese state-owned surveillance company Hikvision. Blacklisted by the US government since 2019, Hikvision has faced long-standing allegations of aiding

#StopRosebank: Scottish oilfield approval exacerbates the global energy crisis

World Editor Athina Bohner speaks to climate campaigners at a #StopRosebank rally in Edinburgh and reflects on the international dynamics underpinning the environment, economy, and energy security.

“Our future feels like it is being stolen from us”, Meg tells me in front of the UK Government building in Edinburgh. Her words echo the frustration and despair of over a hundred protesters, who gathered on a rainy autumn afternoon to denounce the UK’s decision to approve the Rosebank oil field.


Sheku Bayoh inquiry chair 'welcomes' Police Scotland's racism admission

At a Scottish Police Authority meeting on Thursday, Iain Livingstone, the chief constable of Police Scotland, acknowledged “prejudice and bad behaviour within policing”, while urging the force to become “an anti-racist service”.

Sheku Bayoh inquiry chair Alastair Campbell – termed Lord Bracadale, “welcomed” the statement and said: “The Sheku Bayoh Inquiry was set up to examine the events surrounding the death of Mr Bayoh, including whether race was a factor in those events.

“I look forward to

Racism, sexism, and misogyny 'a reality in Police Scotland', top officer admits

At a meeting of the Scottish Police Authority on Thursday morning, Sir Iain Livingstone said: “It is right for me to clearly state that institutional racism, sexism, misogyny and discrimination is a reality for Police Scotland.

"Publicly acknowledging these issues exist institutionally is essential to our absolute commitment to championing equality and becoming an anti-racist service.

"Prejudice and bad behaviour within policing, as highlighted by court and conduct cases, various independent r

UofG students react to First Minister’s resignation

On Wednesday, 15 February 2023, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon resigned in a surprise press conference. The UofG law graduate served as the country’s First Minister for eight years and as a Member of Scottish Parliament since 1999.

The Glasgow University students interviewed on the day of her resignation expressed a variety of emotions, ranging from shock and sympathy to frustration and disappointment. A student from Wales remarked: “It’s quite sad to see her go, but I also kind of u

“Not in our name”: Students launch campaign against UofG’s fossil fuel and arms investments

On Friday 3 February 2023, approximately 100 students gathered at the Main Gate to demand that the University of Glasgow fully divest from arms and fossil fuels. In addition, GAAF is calling for the implementation of an accessible, mandatory, and empowering climate course. Its third demand is for an ethical careers policy, which would ban oil, gas, coal, mining, and arms companies from recruiting through the University.

The Glasgow Guardian spoke to dozens of protesters at the rally, who expres

“Women, Life, Freedom”: Fighting for Iran’s future from the streets of Glasgow

On 19 November 2022, impassioned voices demanding "freedom for Iran" engulfed the streets of Glasgow, as over 1,000 protesters of all generations marched from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green. While proudly singing pro-democracy songs in Farsi and waving Iranian flags featuring a sun and lion, the protest embodied a deeply personal portrayal of Scotland’s Iranian diaspora standing in solidarity with the people of Iran.

Since 16 September, widespread anti-government demonstrations have erupted

How the Queen’s death divided Scottish public opinion

When Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle on 8 September 2022, aged 96, the UK seemed to come to a staggering standstill. However, while the floral tributes in front of Buckingham Palace grew, so did the longstanding criticism of the British monarchy’s colonial legacy, institutional racism, and sexual abuse allegations. In particular, this stark divide in public opinion was evident in Scotland - a country where the idea of monarchy in the 21st century seems to be simultaneously loved and h

“Sticking plasters over the cracks of a broken system”: in conversation with the NUS Scotland president

In conversation with The Glasgow Guardian, National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland president Ellie Gomersall has addressed the most pressing issues of the day for University of Glasgow students, from the rising cost of living to mental health.

With regards to the housing crisis, which has seen UofG students paying extortionate rents, living in emergency accommodation, sofa surfing, and commuting from Stirling and Edinburgh, Ellie Gomersall told The Glasgow Guardian: “What we really need to se

Coping with Mother’s Day when grieving the loss of your own

“Happy Mother’s Day!”, the grocery store display exclaims cheerfully in a large, cursive font. Instantaneously, I freeze in my tracks, staring blindly at the obnoxious cardboard cutout of a photogenic mother-daughter duo grinning cluelessly at passing customers. I feel my heartbeat pounding through my chest as the assortment of peony bouquets and heart-shaped coffee mugs turns into a tearful blur of pale pink.

Standing all alone in the brightly-lit aisle, the world around me seems to pass by in

Hundreds in Scotland protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and George Square in Glasgow last weekend to protest against Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. In the early morning of Thursday 24 February 2022, the Russian military launched a full-scale invasion, which has sparked profound international outrage and large anti-war demonstrations in Russia and around the world. According to the Ukrainian emergency services, over 350 civilians have been killed by Russian forces in Uk

UofG students support the strikes

The Glasgow Guardian spoke to University of Glasgow students on campus and set up an online survey to gain insight into student opinions regarding the ongoing UCU strike action.

The majority of students who took part in the survey supported the strikes, with 75% of students fully supporting the strike action. Despite overall expressions of support for the strike action in a survey conducted by The Glasgow Guardian, only a third of respondents said they wouldn't cross the picket line be it to at

George Square protesters demand action to oppose the increasing cost of living

A large group of demonstrators gathered in the rain at George Square on Saturday 12 February to protest against the cost of living crisis, as the price of gas, electricity and food is rising at the fastest rate in 30 years. Coordinated by the People’s Assembly, similar protests were held in at least 25 cities across the UK that day.

The protests were organised in the wake of a recent Ofgem announcement which sees the largest-ever increase in the UK’s energy price cap by 54 percent. Moreover, in

How to save the world, one step at a time

As thousands of politicians and climate activists gather in Glasgow this month to debate the future of our planet, UofG students may feel a hopeless sense of climate despair. To lift our spirits, The Glasgow Guardian has compiled a list of four simple ways in which we, as university students, can contribute towards "saving the world" during COP26, and beyond.

Unfortunately, our impact is significantly limited by the upsetting reality that just 100 companies – including the UK-based BP, Shell, a

Buchanan Street demonstration calls for UK immigration reform

On Thursday 25 November, around 100 people gathered at Buchanan Street steps to commemorate the 27 refugees who drowned on Wednesday 24 November while attempting to cross the Channel from France to the UK. Protesters lit candles and observed a minute of silence for the lives lost, which included a pregnant woman and three children, in what has been identified as the deadliest Channel tragedy on record. The demonstration featured a number of speakers from local refugee organisations, who emphasiz
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